2015 Section Conclave

Last Updated: 5/5/15


Things to Share from Recent Questions about Conclave...

Recently we have made calls to Arrowmen and have found many had questions about Conclave.  Here are those questions and answers.  

1. In general, what is Conclave?

Our Lodge is 1 of 6 Lodges that make up Section C4-A.  Every year, the 6 Lodges gather for fellowship, fun, competition, training, and more.  This year is no different, except it is the Centennial Conclave, our 20th Anniversary, and we are the host/service Lodge.  

2. Where are we having Conclave?

We are on the Youngstown Air Reserve Base.

3.  Where are we sleeping?

The Including housing option is that everyone is in the gym.  This includes using the Locker rooms.  You can bring your own cot, air mattress, etc.  

If you are over 18, or if your parental unit is coming too, you have the option to upgrade to stay in the hotel.  The hotel on base, in the middle of everything is super nice with lots of standard hotel extras.  

4.  How and what are we eating?

Well, you don't need your mess-kits.  We are eating in the Hangar.  Everything is provided.  We even have some pretty awesome donations food wise.  i.e. Quaker Steak and Lube for Friday Night Crackerbarrel.  

5.  Is it a problem if I cannot be there the entire time?

So we have been asked things like: 
Can I arrive late, like on Saturday? 
Leave Early, like Saturday night? or 
Can I leave and come back mid Saturday for a sporting event?

Although we would prefer to have you with us the entire time, all of these questions can be worked out.  

6.  Is there a chance for me to earn my Brotherhood at Conclave?    

Absolutely yes!  After Thursday, there will go out an email to all those from our Lodge who are ordeal members explain this opportunity more.  

7.  What are the cost(s) to Conclave?  

The early-bird rate have past, so the cost is the standard rate of $65.00.  This may be pricey compared to some scouting events, but you get a lot.  A patch, goody-bag with lots of free stuff in it, access to all the entertainment and activities at Conclave and More.  

There are also a couple Contingent items that come into play after you register.  These are shirts and sunglasses.  One of these shirts is the Conclave Theme Shirt, the same you can purchase when you register from the Section.  However, if you get it through us, it is only half the cost.  Again, this information comes out to you after you register and is explained more below.  

8.  What happens at Conclave.  

A full schedule is found here: http://conclave.oa-c4a.org/#schedule

Some highlights are:


 General Conclave Information

Learn more about the  2015 Section C-4A Conclave at: 


 Conclave Registration Information

Registration/Enrollment for conclave is only available online.  

To get your registration started, visit http://conclave.oa-c4a.org/#register.

*Please note, this is not a Lodge or Council Event, therefore the GWRC Administrative Office will not be able to help you register, send payment, etc.  Please contact the Conclave Team through their form online, or contact the Wapashuwi Lodge Leadership by sending an email or calling the new Lodge Phone number.  


 Patch Design and Additional Trading Post Items Unveiled

2015 Patch

The Centennial Conclave patch design has been unveiled. With a Conclave registration, you can order the participant patch or the full set. Even if you are already registered for Conclave, you can go back and easily order more patches and other other trading post items. Place your order today by visiting the new trading post website for details.


 Volunteer sign-ups & Section Conclave Theme Shirt

This is an offer to only the members of the Wapashuwi Lodge.

Coming Soon: Link to Sign Up.
Every year the Section creates a shirt that revolves around the Conclave theme.  They then offer these shirts to anyone attending conclave for around $15.00.  The shirt is actually an item in the Section Trading post that can be added during or after the time of registration.  

However this year, for those members of the Wapashuwi Lodge who volunteer 3 (three) or more hours of service to the Conclave, will have the opportunity to get this shirt for free (while supplies last).  

For everyone, there will be an opportunity to purchase this shirt at a reduced cost directly from the Lodge.  More information on this will be coming out around mid-April when we begin to collect information for those attending Conclave and for those who are volunteering service toward Conclave.  Once we have established a jobs list and started to collect sign-up information for volunteers.

*This shirt will be the same shirt as that which is offered on the Conclave Trading Post, but will have our Lodge Name on the font side.  


 Wapashuwi Lodge Contingent Shirt, and other Fun Stuff!

For the last few years and so, the Wapashuwi Lodge has designed and created a special Lodge Conclave Contingent Shirt.  Two years ago we had t-shirts that looked like tuxedos and had red bow-ties for our Class A Uniforms.  Last year, t-shirts that looked like pirates and bandannas made.  

Approved at the 2015 Spring Fellowship, will be a shirt for this year, that revolves around an aviator theme.  In addition, we are looking to purchase aviator sunglasses.  In all we are anticipating the cost of these items not to exceed $15 and all Contingent members will need to sign up with shirt sizes and payments for their items.  Design and quantity will effect cost.  It was agreed upon by those attending Conclave at Fellowship that all Wapashuwi Lodge members should be getting these items so we can be "dressed" as a Lodge at certain times throughout the Conclave.  

Shirt Size and payment sign-up, as well as final cost, and designs coming soon.  



Attendance Goal

This year, we have set an aggressive goal of 147 Arrowmen from the Wapashuwi Lodge to attend Conclave.  

You may ask, “Why 147?”.  Well the highest recorded Service Lodge Attendance was 146 and we would like to break that.  

To check how we are doing, Click Here.

So tell your friends, and together we can make this goal.  

We hope to see all of you at Conclave in May.

Yours in Cheerful Service,

Corey Smith
Vice Chief of Camping and Service - camping-service@wapashuwi.org

AJ Gioglio

2015 Conclave Chairman and Coordinator - wapashuwi@wapashuwi.org


 Combination of Recent Messages from the Section Leadership