Be sure to check back often to this calendar should an event time or location change. 

Hints to help use the online calendar. 
  • On the far top right you can change your view between Week, Month, or Agenda. 
  • The "Agenda" view will display the the events of the calendar in list grouped by day. 
  • Below the calendar are instructions on how to subscribe to the Lodge Calendar.  

Wapashuwi Lodge Calendar

How to subscribe to the Lodge Calendar:
  • For those using a Google Calendar ...  From your Google Calendar ...
    1. Click on the down-arrow next to "Other calendars"
    2. Choose "Add by URL"
    3. Paste the following:
  • For other electronic and online calendars that accept iCal feeds
    1. Follow your unique system's instructions
    2. Paste the following iCal address feed: