-  Greater Western Reserve Council 2016 Day of Service

In just a few short weeks from now, on April 23rd, the Greater Western Reserve Council and the Wapashuwi Lodge will be jointly sponsoring the first ever Council-Wide Day of Service. This event is all-inclusive and includes all Scouts and Scouters from Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews, and Posts.

This should be dedicated so that everyone will go out and find a local service opportunity on (or for) this day. Even if you are already camping, doing a unit event/fundraiser, or some other Scouting related activity, we still hope you can find a way to include some sort of service element.

Our Council Wide Goal is at least one hour of service for every scout and scouter on this day.

-  Pre-Register your Service Idea/Project

It would be great if everyone could pre-register their service idea.  

This is for both groups and individuals.  

Doing this will help inspire others to find projects in their communities and let others know where you are to possibly have them join your project.

Pre-Register now at: 

-  Information for Ideas and Projects

Check out the 2016 Day of Service Info Flyer here:

Find a service opportunity close to you, your community, or even your charter organization

Work with your feeder Pack, Associated Troop, or Neighboring Unit (whichever is applicable) to develop a project that you could work on together. 

If appropriate, invite the unit's charter organization members to join the unit in their service. 

There are a few service opportunities at Camp Stigwandish and Chickagami Park
These service opportunities are limited and as such we only have space for 2-3 units at each location.

Units working on these camp projects must be pre-assigned so we can ensure the proper amount of tools, etc. will be available. 

Therefore, if your Unit is interested, please let contact the Wapashuwi Lodge Chief immediately at:

April 23, is also the “2016 Mill Creek MetroParks Earth Day Cleanup” facilitated through the Whispering Pines district.
Please still fill out the online form above if your Unit is participating in the “2016 Mill Creek Metro Parks Earth Day Cleanup”.

-  Day of Service Tracking

During the 2016 Day of Service, we hope everyone will upload photos of the projects all over the Council and use #GWRCServes

Unit Service Hours Tracking:


The National Boy Scouts of America has developed a website where every Unit should track all their service hours.  

The Link for this website is:

Go to this website, Unit Leaders should already have, or will need to create a Login*.
Once there, Click to report a service project.
Then under the "Other Services" click "Other"

Fill in all the information requested**.
When asked to briefly tell of the project, please start the description with:
"GWRC 2016 Day of Service:" followed by your description.  


We would love to know locally what you did.  

Therefor, optionally, we have created a very short online form to learn of the many different projects dedicated to the 2016 Day of Service.

After filling out the National website, please go to:

This form will ask for contact information and the same service project information** as the National Website, but tracked locally.  

Individual Service Hours Tracking:

Individual, or not Unit, projects should also be recorded, and we would love to know locally what you did.  

Therefor we have created a very short online form to learn of the many different projects dedicated to the 2016 Day of Service.

Please go to:

This form will ask for contact information and service project information**.  


Any Unit Leader needing help to log in or create an account can contact the GWRC Service Center.  
Or on Saturday, April 23, 2016 can contact the Wapashuwi Lodge a 330-779-1463 between 9:30am and 3:30pm

**  To help fill out the National Service Website or the Local online form, you should track the following information.
Number of Youth Members (Scouts)
Number of Non-Member Youth (friends, family, etc. not Scouts)
Number of Adult Leaders (Scouters)
Number of Non-Member Adults (
friends, family, etc. not Scouters)
Total Combined Hours

-  Resources