Events and Activities

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2017 Wapashuwi Lodge Vigil Reunion/Weekend

May 6-7, 2017

Camp Stambaugh

Enrollment for the 2017 Vigil Reunion/Weekend is only available Online.

Please do not call, or try to enroll/register for these events, at the Scout Office. 

Payment for any enrolled attendees can be done online or through the mail.
Mail-In Payments do not go to the Scout Office, instead call the number below.    

*All Lodge Members in attendance, regardless of the length of time on camp, must be enrolled/registered for the event.

Those with questions, Internet access issues, or online payment constraints 
should contact the Lodge Leadership before registering at or 330-779-1463


2017 Section Conclave

May 19-21, 2017

Camp Manatoc

This is a Section Event.

A Brotherhood Ceremony is available for those eligible. 

Lodge Members who register and pay for the 2017 Section Conclave before May 1, 2017 will receive 1 Free Lodge Contingent T-Shirts.  
Details will be available starting at the Spring Fellowship.    

Lodge Members who are registered and paid for the 2017 Section Conclave and at the 2017 Spring Fellowship 
will receive a $10 voucher to the Lodge Trading Post.  

Although this is a Section Event, Lodge Members needing support, having questions, etc. 
can still 
contact the Lodge Leadership at or 330-779-1463


Lodge Event Resources

    • Info on how to enroll/register and pay for all Lodge Functions

    • Everyone must have this medical form when at any Lodge Overnight Event.
    • These are also collected annually at the Lodge Banquet (dated January of the respective year) and kept with the Lodge Medical Personal.  


Candidates for Ordeal

Information you should know

Check-in for the Ordeal Weekend is on Friday from 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM.  
Only current Lodge Members/Staff for the event will be permitted in camp prior to 7:30 PM on Friday.  
Please, do not arrive earlier than 7:30 PM if you have not received clearance from the Lodge Leadership Team. 
Registration will begin at 7:30 PM.

A full program is planned from Friday night until Sunday morning.  
On Sunday you can expect to leave at 10:00 AM after clean up and check out.  
You are expected to stay for the entire weekend, except for religious obligations, with pre-approval by the Lodge Chief and/or Adviser.

When you come to the Ordeal weekend, please keep in mind that everything you bring is expected to be carried by you at all times, all weekend long.  
It is therefore preferred that you have a framed-backpack, or pack designed to be carried on your person all over camp.  
A pack-check may be necessary if your pack appears to be excessive in size. 
 No items should be brought that cannot attach to your pack when carried. 
Your hands must be free when carrying gear.  

The following items are absolutely needed with you during the Ordeal Weekend:
  • Copy of BSA Medical Form
    • Everyone, candidates & members, must have a current BSA Med.Form. 
  • Backpack
    • All Gear must be able to be carried with you in a backpack at all times, all weekend, so pack lightly.
  • Work Clothes
    • Including long pants, long sleeve shirt, & Work Gloves
  • Full Class-A Uniform 
    • (Including Scout Pants)
  • Ground Cloth Or Bivy Bag/Sack
  • Rain Tarp / Cover Or Bivy Bag/Sack
  • Sleeping Bag 
  • Boots
    • Work or Hiking boots, water resistant.
  • Extra – Shoes, socks, underclothing, T-shirts, etc.
  • Rain Gear
    • Including Rain Pack Cover
  • Toilet and Shower Gear
  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle or Canteen
  • Rope – 15 ft. of ¼ inch {recommended length}
  • Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen

Be prepared to carry all gear around camp all weekend long, and to sleep "under the stars".  
Any outside food and/or extra camping gear (other than that mentioned above) is prohibited.  
Those with medical, physical, or nutritional needs must make those known so proper arrangements can be made. 

You must be preapproved by the Chairman of Elangomats or the Lodge Chief to receive discount, which will be issued at the Ordeal.  


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Candidates for Brotherhood

Information you should know

This information and the details behind the Challenges can be found on the National OA Jump Start Website: 
Challenge 1 - 
~ Memorize the following signs of Order of the Arrow Membership.
    • The Obligation of the Order
    • The Order of the Arrow Official Song
    • The Admonition
    • The sign of Ordeal membership
    • The Arrow handclasp

Challenge 2 - 
~ Gain a thorough understanding of the Ordeal through which you have passed.
    • This can be done through the JumpStart Website or by reading your OA Handbook.

Challenge 3 - 
~ Serve your unit. Retain your registration in Scouting.
    • During a period of at least 10 months, strive to fulfill your Obligation by continuing and expanding your service to your own troop or team.
      • Extending Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service to the members of your unit is your primary responsibility. 
      • Any activities within the Order of the Arrow should come only after you’ve fulfilled your duty to your unit. 
      • This is why one of the requirements for Brotherhood is that you stay active in your unit for a period of at least 10 months following your induction into the OA. 

    Challenge 4 - 
    ~ Retain your registration in your Order of the Arrow lodge and keep your dues paid. 
    ~ Be aware that acceptance of Brotherhood membership involves a pledge of service to the lodge. 
    ~ Develop a concrete idea of how you plan to fulfill this pledge.
      • The Order of the Arrow provides many opportunities to serve, and there are several ways you can help our lodge. 
        • As you think about what role you would like to play in the OA in the future, imagine all the great things that you can become involved with: ceremonies, lodge or chapter leadership, ordeal administration, dancing, and many, many others.

    Challenge 5 - 
    ~ When you earnestly feel that you have met the four challenges above, write a letter to our lodge secretary.  (This letter is to be printed and brought with you to the Brotherhood Ceremony)  
      • The points it needs to address.
        • Explain what you think the Obligation means.
        • Describe how you have been fulfilling this Obligation in your troop or team and in your daily life, and how you have used your understanding of the Ordeal to aid in this service.
        • A description of your specific plans for giving service in the lodge program.