2014 Spring Fellowship

2014 Spring Fellowship
Announcing the 2014 Spring Fellowship. 
It’s time to be inspired by the movies!

2014 Spring Fellowship2

Brotherhood Ceremony: for those eligible and willing to move forward in their journey in the Order
Those Arrowmen who have served their unit and retained their registration in scouting for a period of at least 10 months as an Ordeal Member, can further their membership in the Order by becoming a Brotherhood Member. So if you are an Ordeal Member, from 2012, or farther back, you are eligible for this opportunity. Information for Brotherhood Candidates, including what is expected, can be found on our 'Events and Activities' Page.

  OA Troop Representative & Adviser (Asst. Scoutmaster/Asst. Coach Designee) Training

The OATR is an official leadership position, and scouts can earn time towards their leadership rank requirements. To effectively represent your troop as the OATR, you must be approved by your troop, and attend a Wapashuwi Lodge training on the OATR program. This is also available for the OATRA. Upon completing the training, you will receive a special "Trained" patch to be put on the uniform below the OATR/OATRA position patch. More information about the OATR program can be found at our under the “OA Troop Representative” page.

  Native American Seminar: on beadwork, singing/drumming and dancing
Seminars on rosette beadwork and different styles of Native American drumming/singing and dancing. Bring your own beads, regalia ideas, etc. or if you are new and getting started, supplies will be provided.

2014 Wapashuwi Lodge #56 Conclave Contingent Meeting
For those going, or are interested in going to the 2014 Section Conclave, this meeting will be for our contingent to decide on t-shirts & other Lodge Spirit activities.  

  Movie Theme Activities: 
various contests to demonstrate your spirit, strength, cunning, & more. 

A large list of activated and games are being planned for this fellowship with a movie theme.  Popcorn, and other movie related foods will be available also.  
Full list, Coming Soon. 

  Unit Camping: 
units camping the same weekend can join us for lunch and afternoon activities.
Troops and Packs wanting to camp on the same weekend, can reserve a camp site through the Council Office.  All those on camp are welcome to participate in any of the camp service projects, eat lunch (with/provided by the Lodge), and take part in our afternoon movie-theme activities.  

Service Projects:
we will be facilitating service work both on and off camp (at Mill Creek Park).

  Lodge Flap Contest Announcement.

Details and the announcement will be made at the Spring Fellowship which will launch the 2015 Wapashuwi Lodge Patch Contest.  Designs are not needed at Spring Fellowship.  

  And so much more..