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Over the next year, many different awards and opportunities will be available to Arrowmen in the Lodge.  This page is dedicated to try and bring those opportunities to one place.  

National Awards

The Centurion Award

Arrowman Service Award - The “Sash Patch”

Section Awards

Active Arrowmen Award

Lodge Awards

Online Nomination Form (closed for 2014)
  • Youth Arrowman of the Year
  • Adult Arrowman of the Year
  • Gary Waldorf Native American Heritage Award
  • Steward of the Shadows
  • Founders Award

New Lodge Flap (To be chosen at the 2015 Lodge Banquet)
  • Flyer - New Flap Contest

  • Youth and Adult Arrowmen can submit entries.

  • In addition to each submission a description of the flap is also requested/required.  This description may accompany each Lodge Flap given to new Members, so be purposeful and thoughtful.  
  • All designs and descriptions are due by January 1, 2015.

  • Winner will receive a full year's membership and registration to Lodge Events (does not include Sectional, Area, or National Events)

Troop/Team Unit Awards

Unit of Excellence 

Individual Opportunities

OA - High Adventure Sign Ups