OA Troop/Team Representative

Since forming at Treasure Island Scout Reservation in Philadelphia in 1915, the Order of the Arrow (OA) has represented the youth and adult leaders who have demonstrated spectacular Scout Spirit and who have continuously gone above and beyond in service to fellow scouts.   In 1948, the OA became an official BSA program, allowing scouts nationwide to participate in all that the program has to offer.

The Boy Scout Troop and the OA work together constantly.  To maintain a link between the two parties, the Troop has a special position known as the Order of the Arrow Troop Representative (OATR).  To become an OATR, a scout must be recommended by his troop and be approved by the Scoutmaster.  The OATR is an Arrowman that is assigned the job of keeping the individual Troop and the Lodge in contact with one another.  The OATR also should encourage fellow Arrowmen from that unit to participate in the events held by the Lodge.

Beginning this year at the Fall Fellowship (October 11-13 at Camp Stambaugh), Wapashuwi Lodge will be conducting an OATR training to teach OATRs how to effectively perform their duties.  At the training, OATRs will be taught what the Lodge expects of them and different techniques to make their job more successful.  After an OATR completes the training, he will receive a special Lodge “Trained” patch that can be worn below the OATR position patch on the Scouting uniform.  The Lodge will be offering this training again in the future to accommodate OATRs that are new to the position.

If you have any questions regarding the OATR program or would like additional information, please contact Chris Leymarie, OATR Chair.

Link to the National OA Troop/Team Representative Program: