OA Unit Elections

The following online form (below) is requested to be filled out by every Unit (Troop/Team).  

Even if your Unit has no scouts eligible or is not conducting a OA Unit Election, 
we will still need you to complete this online form. 

All OA Unit Elections must be conducted by the Lodge-to-Unit Relations/Election Team 
per the policy of the National Order of the Arrow.  

Official OA Unit Elections will begin starting     February 1, 2017. 

Elections will be honored through                     April 28, 2017.

All 2016 Unit Elections must be completed by   May 4, 2017
Elections need to be scheduled at least 1 week in advance.

To see an availability calendar
Click Here

With the 2017 year already underway, it is time for the Wapashuwi Lodge #56 to make contact with each Troop/Team, confirm and update your unit’s leadership information, and schedule a visit from our Lodge-to-Unit Relations/Election Team.  This visit can include a camp promotion discussion, a presentation on the Order of the Arrow, and most importantly an OA Unit Election. 

**  Any Unit requesting an OA Unit Election will need to submit electronically the Names of those scouts eligible for election, as well as their contact information before the election date.  This is needed to complete the 2017 OA Unit Election Forms.  **

Adult Nomination questions go directly to Bret Gensburg, Lodge Adviser.  See Below.  

New This Year ... Each Troop/Team will be sent a unique link to the online Form.  This link has all the Unit's information pre-filled in.  

If you need this link re-sent to the Unit Leader, please email elections@wapashuwi.org.  


To fill out the online form for the 2017 OA Unit Relations/Election Team Request, Use the Unique Link sent to each Scoutmaster and Coach.  
Even if your Troop/Team does not need an OA Unit Election, this form needs filled out.  

For Unit Leaders

  1. Scout's Information Needed:
    • For those Units requesting an OA Unit Election, Scouts' Information is needed before the team can visit.  
    • To read the email sent to the Unit Leaders requesting an Unit Election, Click Here.  

  2. Ballots and Election Report Forms 
    • These will be pre-made from the information is provided and brought to the election by the Wapashuwi Lodge Election Team.  

  3. National OA Eligibility Requirements
    • To view the current youth and adult eligibility requirements, Click Here.  

  4. 2017 Adult Candidate Nominations Online Submission Form
    • All Adult Nominations are facilitated through the Lodge Adviser, Bret Gensburg.
    • To submit an Adult Nomination, Click Here.  

      • All Adult Candidate Online Nominations must go to the Adult Selection Committee, via the Wapashuwi Lodge Adviser, for review and consideration.
        • *Note: Completion of this online form does not guarantee the adult nominated will be selected as a candidate to the Order of the Arrow.

      • All Adult Candidate Nomination Forms must be submitted before May 10, 2017.

      • Results from the Adult Selection Committee will be returned to the Unit Leader or District/Council representative.

  5. Unit Election Video
    • Unit Election Video: (.MOV Format) This link is to the Video on the National Order of the Arrow Website - Video Resource Page.  

    • This file can be opened using Apple Quicktime or Itunes. Because of the quality of the videos available, please right click the appropriate link below and choose "Save Target as" or "Save as" instead of simply viewing the file on the site. Downloading the file will help ensure a copy of the file is available on your hard drive the next time you need it.

  6. OA Website of Videos 

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